Poole-NY presents at ACEC WNY Membership Meeting- Email's Seven Deadly Sins- December 13th, 2018

Email: The Seven Deadly Sins

At next week's meeting, Mary-Beth will share the seven deadly sins of email. She offers some hilarious and alarming examples of real emails from real projects. In her always interesting and engaging style, Mary-Beth will also offer some analysis and effective tips for avoiding the seven deadly sins in your future emails. This is a great presentation for anyone who wants to make their communications more effective and avoid pitfalls that can lead to misunderstandings, or worse. If you have anyone in your organization you think could benefit from this presentation, consider bringing them along; sign them up when you sign up

If you’d like to schedule this program at your next meeting, please contact Mary-Beth Rumble at mrumble@poole-ny.com

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