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Travelers Webinar: Managing the Risk of Condos and Residential Projects

Wednesday, April 12 at 1:00PM EST

Managing the Risk of Condos and Other Residential Projects Moderator: Joseph H. Jones, Jr., Esq., AIA, Director of Risk Management, Travelers Speakers: Christine E. Drage, Esq. of Weil & Drage Holly J. Newman, Esq. of DeWitt

Register here today!

The webinar, open to all Travelers policyholders, has been registered with the AIA for 1 CEU.

Residential projects, especially condominiums, can present unique risk for design firms. What are the potential risk, how can firms identify and manage those risk using claim studies and appropriate contracts among other tools, are important factors for a successful project and minimizing the chances for a professional liability claims.

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